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Bring Out Your Inner Singing Sensation and Learn English with Karaoke


Saturday night at the bar, singing your favorite song.

Giggling at each other’s voices as you sing at a party.

Visiting a karaoke lounge with friends or family.

If karaoke isn’t something you do regularly, you’re missing out! You sing …

6 English Speaking Apps to Get You Talking in No Time


Your phone is your newest English conversation buddy.

You don’t even need someone to call.

All you need are powerful English speaking apps to learn perfect pronunciation, natural rhythms and everything else to talk confidently.

Combined with other English

Improve English Pronunciation with Music: 5 Fantastic Songs


Want to sound like a native English speaker?

Try singing like one!

You might already know that English songs have amazing vocabulary and grammar lessons hidden inside, and lots of fun idioms you can learn.

But songs can …

Twist and Shout Your Way to English Fluency as You Learn with The Beatles


Who is your favorite English teacher: John, Paul, George or Ringo?

Wait, English teacher? Aren’t those the names of The Beatles?

Well, The Beatles were great musicians, but you can also use their songs to learn English!

The Beatles knew …

15 ESL Summer Camps to Beat the Summer Slide


Want to make sure your summer doesn’t slide away from you?

Although sunburns and a new swimsuit are great, would you like to have more to show after those three hot months?

If you want something beyond the ordinary, and …

The Best English Grammar Workbooks to Sharpen Your English Language Skills


Is grammar giving you a headache?

If only there were a magic spell to take away the pain and frustration!

If you’re like most English language learners, you probably find the topic uncomfortable. Don’t worry, many of us native English …

9 Websites with Interactive Videos for Students of All Ages to Learn English


We understand.

You’ve had another long day and the last thing you want to do is bury your head in a textbook, but you don’t want to lose a day of studying English.

Perhaps you just got a big promotion …