Fun, Practical Ways to Use ESL Bingo in Your Classroom


Bingo has stood the test of time.

When I was a student, if my teacher broke out the bingo cards, there was a smile on everyone’s face.

Now, as an ESL teacher, it’s great to see how little things have …

6 Tips You Should Know When Giving Feedback to ESL Students


We live in a society with a perfectionism problem.

This can be a major roadblock if you’re a teacher trying to give feedback to a student who has internalized the perfectionist ideal.

Sometimes it even leads you to believe …

Speak Easy: 7 ESL Icebreakers to Get Your Students Talking


Is conversation frozen in your classroom?

Igniting colorful, sparkling speech is always a challenge in language classrooms.

And it’s especially difficult early in the semester or year, before your students are comfortable with you and with one another.

That’s where …

9 Entertaining ESL Homework Ideas to Improve Your Students’ Language Skills


In other classrooms, students run out the first chance they get.

But not in your class.

You’re just wrapping up class when you hear someone call out from the back of the room, “Please, please, teacher, you forgot to give …

6 Basic Goals to Have in Teaching the English Language


Whatever you do, just keep them spinning.

That’s what we tell ourselves as teachers.

We keep spinning one after the other until we’re balancing a whole slew of plates as easily as if we were chewing gum.

But instead of …

Everything You Need to Start Teaching English in China


Imagine 30 new Houston-sized cities appearing every year.

This is the reality in China.

While China’s large population is no secret, the sheer increase in recent urban populations has been explosive.

In response, the government is working overtime to …

6 ESL Problems Teachers Face and How to Fix Them


As teachers, we put on our professional grade (emotional) armor and we charge into the day ready to conquer the world.

We slay learning objectives on a daily basis while delicately balancing students’ self-esteem on our steed of knowledge.…