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6 Enticing ESL Video Clips Your Students Will Love


Meet your newest co-teacher: Spiderman.

You may have the teacher certification and the classroom experience, but Spiderman’s got something you don’t.

(Other than spidey-sense.)

He can bring the excitement of English video into your classroom.

If you’re looking for a …

7 Great Podcasts That Can Improve Your ESL Teaching


Every so often, ESL teachers need to roll up their sleeves and do a bit of learning of their own!

And what better way to do that learning than by listening to ESL podcasts just for teachers?

Podcasts are entertaining …

6 Great ESL Activities Inspired by Pokémon GO


What do you get when you combine the world’s hottest mobile game with ESL?

Pokémon ESL!

Let your students build confidence and communication as they learn, create and hunt Pokémon.

Pokémon ESL activities not only promote active learning in the …

8 Excellent EAL Resources You Can Get Online Right Now


What do the lions at the zoo have to do you with your EAL class?

Not much—unless you’re in the know about killer online EAL resources.

All it takes is an internet connection and a little creativity to get your …

Navigate the Globe in Your ESL Class with These 6 Geography Resources


Take your students around the world in one class period!

By using highly-engaging online ESL geography resources, you can map out culture and exciting destinations in English.

Let your students explore the majestic corners of the earth from their desks …

6 Powerhouse Online ESL Resources That Bring Variety to Your Classroom


Want to strike lesson planning gold?

Well, you’re in luck. You won’t even need to set out on a treasure hunt.

A massive trove of ESL materials, lesson plans and activity ideas are just a few clicks away.

In …

Mind the Gap: 5 Exciting ESL Filler Activities for Any Spare Moment


What two items would you bring if deserted on an island?

Your favorite book? Smartphone to send an S.O.S.? Your pooch?

This question is a favorite among native English speakers, and it’s a wonderful ESL filler activity that keeps your …