Mr. Bean and Spiderman? ESL Video Clips That Work Surprisingly Well in the Classroom


Meet your newest co-teacher: Spiderman.

You may have the teacher certification and the classroom experience, but Spiderman’s got something you don’t.

(Other than spidey-sense.)

He can bring the excitement of English video into your classroom.

If you’re looking for a …

5 Computer-friendly Ways to Upgrade Your ESL Classroom


Do you ever feel like your classroom is more like one from “The Flintstones” than “The Jetsons”?

Are you ready to leave the Stone Age?

For many of us who are teaching today, we learned how to teach in the …

3 Excellent ELL Resources, Plus Teaching Strategies to Use Them


Sometimes, don’t you just want to shake up your ELL class like a snow globe?

I’m talking about turning things upside down, creating excitement and getting new ideas snowing down.

All it takes is incorporating some different, engaging ELL resources …

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Spain: Getting and Succeeding in 4 Key Job Types


I got off the Paris-Madrid train one extremely hot September morning.

Pretty tired, I’d been in Scotland for a week, spent another week in London, then a day in the “City of Lights” and had arrived at my final destination: …

4 Awesome ESL Topics for Teenagers


My high school years were the best years of my entire life. I would do anything if I could live them again.

My high school years were the worst years of my entire life. You couldn’t pay me a million …

6 Essential Ideas for Teaching English Creatively


I’m not much of a fancy coffee drinker.

A little sugar and cream is generally all I need to be happily caffeinated.

But on a recent road trip I splurged. I got a very large, very chocolatey frozen coffee concoction …

Chatty Kathy Conversion: How to Motivate Your ESL Students to Speak English in Class


Imagine walking into class with a great lesson prepared.

You have an awesome speaking activity that you know your students will relate to.

After explaining the activity, you ask for volunteers. As usual, though, only Super Student Sally raises her …