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3 Strategies for Learning Chinese with Subtitles

learning-chinese-subtitles (2)

You may think of subtitles as those pesky words at the bottom of the screen that always ruin punchlines.

Or maybe you see them as a way to watch TV at a low volume when your roommate is sleeping.

But …

Speak Up! 4 Tips to Improve Your Mandarin Chinese Speaking Skills


Are you feeling 难倒 (nán dǎo — stumped)  over learning Mandarin Chinese?

That’s understandable: It’s tough enough to grasp concepts of 拼音 (pīn yīn — Chinese romanization) and the basics of Chinese traditional or simplified script.

And learning how …

The Friendliest Way to Learn Mandarin Chinese: Language Exchange Partners


Finding a language exchange partner is the first step to getting truly conversational in Chinese.

And perhaps the first step to building a lasting friendship.

Who doesn’t want someone to hang out with while traveling through China?

Whether you …

How to Learn as Much Chinese as You Possibly Can in 3 Months


Do you need to learn Chinese, and now?

Don’t have the patience to wait years to have your first conversation?

Have you heard the buzz about how you can learn the language in just three months?

If so, …

Kick Your Chinese Up a Notch with This DIY Intermediate Chinese Course Guide


The intermediate phase of learning Chinese can be awkward and filled with growing pains.

You’ve outgrown your beginner resources and start feeling a little boxed in.

You still aren’t comfortable enough to just pick up a book, and watching …

The Independent Student's Guide to Learning Chinese in China


China is a country with 5000 years of history, more people than anywhere else on the planet and an economy growing faster than anyone would have thought possible.

It’s also, of course, the logical place for all serious students

Can't Understand Chinese? Improve Your Chinese Listening Skills Actively and Passively


A learner’s first interaction with Chinese “in the wild,” spoken with a native speaker, is often a wake up call.

You’ve mastered how to ask for directions, so you stop a passerby in the street.

The passerby clearly …