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Burning Questions: 9 Mandarin Chinese Question Words You've Got to Know


There’s a lot to learn about Mandarin Chinese.

You’ll probably resort to taking baby steps.

One little topic at a time, broken down into easy-to-digest tidbits.

And when you start out with learning Chinese, there’s one important …

Get Fluent in Flirting: Chinese Vocab and Dating Etiquette to Know


A language barrier can be most frustrating when you’re trying to cross it for love.

Or even just for a crush.

Or for that cutie at the other end of the bar.

Flirting is Chinese can be pretty scary—it’s …

How to Order Coffee in Chinese Like a Local


You’ve got a busy day ahead.

The baristas at your local coffee joint do, too.

They’re running around grinding beans, steeping tea, taking orders, cleaning counters…

Neither of you really have time to play charades for every item on their …

15 Everyday Chinese Phrases That You Need to Know


Have you found yourself staring blankly at a Chinese dictionary full of characters?

Thinking that they make about as much sense as Egyptian hieroglyphics?

Since you’ve started your journey in learning Mandarin Chinese, this has probably happened a time or …

The Subtle Art of the Mandarin Chinese Pick Up Line


So, you’ve been traveling a little around China.

You’ve made a few local friends and perhaps even found a language partner.

Now you want to know how to score a few dates, and eventually find a nice Chinese

Simple Chinese Words: Vocab to Tune Your Learning


A man sat down at a public piano and played an entire Beethoven piece from memory.

It sounded beautiful, so I approached him and asked what other songs he could play.

“That’s the only one I know,” he replied.

“Even …

Chat Like a Native with These 5 Chinese Phone Conversation Tips


Typically, we seek out our phones like they’re our lifelines.

However, when you’re learning a new language and living in a foreign country, there’s a tendency to develop a love/hate relationship with those very same phones. We desire and seek …