No Need to Choose: 6 Mandarin Chinese Courses Online with Both Traditional and Simplified Scripts


You’ve already decided to learn Mandarin Chinese.

But you’ve got another big decision to make.

Life would be much simpler if Mandarin Chinese came in one, uniform written language.

You know, where you could learn one easy alphabet and …

Speak More Mandarin: 4 Tips for Mastering Chinese Speech in Less Than a Month


Are you feeling 难倒 (nán dǎo — stumped)  over learning Mandarin Chinese?

That’s understandable: It’s tough enough to grasp concepts of 拼音 (pīn yīn — Chinese romanization) and the basics of Chinese traditional or simplified script.

And learning how …

Simple Chinese Words: Vocab to Tune Your Learning


A man sat down at a public piano and played an entire Beethoven piece from memory.

It sounded beautiful, so I approached him and asked what other songs he could play.

“That’s the only one I know,” he replied.

“Even …

Speak Chinese with Ease: My 5 Favorite Chinese Phone Conversation Tips


Typically, we seek out our phones like they’re our lifelines.

However, when you’re learning a new language and living in a foreign country, there’s a tendency to develop a love/hate relationship with those very same phones. We desire and seek …

Don’t Panic: Your Guide to the Chinese Pronunciation Galaxy


My uncle picked us up from the airport in Suva, Fiji, around 4 a.m. local time.

As we drove to his house, I leaned my head back and looked through the sunroof at the stars.

Being from California, I was …

6 New Exciting Ideas for Chinese Software Immersion


We all know that immersion is a great way to learn Chinese.

But what does immersion mean for someone who’s stuck in Omaha and can’t just pack up and move to China?

Well, immersion doesn’t always involve buying a plane …

Chow Down on These 60+ Chinese Restaurant Phrases!


In my second week of learning Chinese, my teacher taught us the phrase “你吃饭了吗” (nǐ chī fàn le ma).

This literally means, “Have you eaten?” but it’s often used the way “How are you?” is used in English.

The …