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3 Mindsets That Fire Up Your Motivation to Learn a Language


It’s hard to stick with learning a language.

Like cooking, dancing, knitting, martial arts, archery or any other skill that needs practice to emerge, a language requires focus and devotion.

And devotion of that level requires real commitment.

Maybe …

Home Sweet Home: Convert Your Home into a Language Immersion Paradise


We’ve all heard envy-inspiring stories of someone who jetted off to a foreign country.

They took an intern position, volunteered or became an au pair to get where they were going.

That adventurous soul was surrounded by speakers of

3 Bold Language Study Techniques That All Lead to Victory


We all get wrapped up in figuring out how to learn something, right?

With so many language learning resources available online and off, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of questions about different learning methods.

“Should I …

The 8 Fastest Ways for Super Busy People to Learn a Language


So, you want to learn a language.

Makes sense. Only good things can come from being bilingual, trilingual or straight-up poly.

There’s just one problem.

You can’t find the time.

You’ve tried and tried and just can’t seem to …

How to Build Your Personalized Foreign Language Audio Library


Got a pair of headphones?

Then learning your target language is about to get a whole lot easier.

Plus a little catchier.

Did you know the simple act of listening to your target language can help you take huge strides …

The Secret to Learning Languages Is Right in Front of You!


Which class was easier for you in high school: trigonometry or gym?

How about chemistry or driver’s ed?

If you’re like most students, you probably struggled most with those math and science classes. And even if you loved the idea …

7 Tips for Selecting the Online Language Teacher That’ll Light You Up


Did you know that nobody in human history ever learned a language without a “teacher”?

Yep, somebody taught us.

And the thing is, we didn’t learn our first language from books, nursery rhymes, flashcards or from our teacher’s lecturing. …

3 Fun Ways to Do Some Mighty Fine Foreign Language Writing


Speaking gets most of the press, but writing is a major part of learning a language.

The benefits of writing while learning are majorly neglected, too.

While writing, you have all the time in the world to think, …

10 Super Cool Jobs for People Who Know a Foreign Language


What’s a second language worth?

Or rather, how much can you earn by learning an extra language?

Ever asked yourself that?

Well, in a way, you already know the answer: It depends.

The language will take you as …

Train Your Brain: How to Start Thinking in a Foreign Language


We’ve all heard that thinking in a foreign language is a sign of real fluency.

But I bet you haven’t heard that it’s the fifth key language skill that all learners must develop—falling right in line with speaking, …