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Can I Learn a Language in 6 Months? What the Experts Say


Go ahead. Mark your calendar.

Six months from today.

The day you’ll have learned a new language.

Don’t believe me?

The idea of learning a new language can definitely be overwhelming. So many words! Such unusual grammar! Maybe even a …

5 Doggone Easy Tips to Help with Foreign Language Acquisition


Learning a foreign language is like learning how to drive.

And no, it’s not because it involves a parent or driving instructor yelling at you because they fear for their lives—although that can also sometimes happen when you’re learning a …

6 Practical Tips for Language Learning Success


Ever stood at the chasm between language learning and fluency?

Even for experienced language learners, it can seem like there are miles and miles to leap over before reaching actual, real-deal conversation with native speakers.

We are here to …

The Dreaded Language Learning Plateau: How to Rise Above It


You’ve already come so far with your language learning.

In theory, having learned even some of a language is pretty great.

The view from the intermediate level should be beautiful.

But it’s hard to enjoy the view when you’ve hit …

10 Untranslatable Words You Should Add to Your Vocabulary Arsenal


Sometimes you just don’t have the right word.

You can stammer and gesticulate, but without the right word, you’ll be like a fish out of whatever-it-is-that-fish-live-in.

And the unfortunate thing is that sometimes the word you’re looking for simply doesn’t …

Good Language Learners Demystified: A Look at the Qualities That Make Them Successful


The year was 1975. One simple question launched dozens of studies: What makes a good language learner?

That’s right, scientists Joan Rubin and David Stern sought the answer to this question long before you got fed up with trying to

How to Turn Your Passive Vocabulary into Active Vocabulary


“I am lost for words.”

How often do you catch yourself thinking this?

What a new significance this expression takes on when thinking of the foreign language you’re learning!

Of course, there’s tons of research and discussion about how to …

How to Remember a Language You Forgot: 13 Super Practical Tips


Got a language zombie kicking around in your memory?

If you’ve ever learned a language that you later forgot, then you might not realize it—but you’ve got some walking dead up there.

Don’t be freaked out. It’s not going to …

10 Secrets for Learning Grammar in a Foreign Language


Grammar. It’s a love-hate dynamic for many people.

Mostly, it’s more hate than love.

If most of us were asked to give a talk titled “Grammar Tips 101″—using our native language as the focus—we’d probably try to find a way …

How to Overcome the Dreaded Language Barrier


Parlez-vous français ?

¿Habla español?

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

If you live on planet Earth, then there’s a pretty high chance that, at least once in your life, you’ve come up against the dreaded language barrier.

Language barriers can crop up …