3 Mindsets That Fire Up Your Motivation to Learn a Language


It’s hard to stick with learning a language.

Like cooking, dancing, knitting, martial arts, archery or any other skill that needs practice to emerge, a language requires focus and devotion.

And devotion of that level requires real commitment.

Maybe …

Social Media Language Learning Tips You'll Want to Like and Share Again and Again!


How many hours a day do you spend on your cell phone, tablet or computer?

Come on, you can tell the truth. We’re all friends here.

Think about it. Take a minute if you need to.

Consider blogs. Facebook. …

3 Personal Pathways to One-on-one Language Learning


The world doesn’t revolve around you.

You’re not the center of the universe.

Actually, I take that back—if you sign up for one-on-one language learning, those statements above aren’t entirely true.

You’ll become the complete central focus for your …

5 Smart Language Program Reviews for Discerning Learners


You can’t wait to get to the good stuff.

That’s right, I see you skimming search results on your laptop.

I see you, skeptical but hopeful, determined to find the best resource for learning a language out there.

“Come on,” …

Home Sweet Home: Convert Your Home into a Language Immersion Paradise


We’ve all heard envy-inspiring stories of someone who jetted off to a foreign country.

They took an intern position, volunteered or became an au pair to get where they were going.

That adventurous soul was surrounded by speakers of

Chatting, Texting, Correcting: The 4 Best Language Exchange Apps


So, you want to learn a new language

…and you want it bad.

Let me tell you something that will utterly blow your mind:

You are not alone.

That’s right! Believe it or not, there are others out there …

The Top 15 Language Learning Podcasts for Curious Multilingual Minds


What’s on your mind when you’re getting ready for bed each night?

Are you thinking about the coming day? Excited or nervous for what lies ahead?

Are you making lists and plans to chart out what you’ll get done?…

The Best and Brightest Online Language Courses


Weighing one online language course against the many others.

Spending hours sifting through facts and making comparisons.

Only reading positive reviews that don’t tell you the real ins and outs of each course.

Wondering about scathingly negative reviews that …

3 Bold Language Study Techniques That All Lead to Victory


We all get wrapped up in figuring out how to learn something, right?

With so many language learning resources available online and off, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of questions about different learning methods.

“Should I …

The Essential Guide to Finding Intermediate Language Lessons You’ll Love


Singin’ the intermediate blues?

Don’t worry, it’s a familiar tune to most language learners.

Once you’ve outgrown your beginner-level resources (congratulations—that’s an accomplishment!), it can be hard to find more advanced resources that suit your specific needs. While there’s a …